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Contract Agreement

On the First Part, the Signing Party, hereinafter referred to as the “Broker”


On the Second Part: WLAB TECH GROUP OÜ, hereinafter referred to as the “Collaborator”

Company registered and incorporated in Estonia.

Company registration number #16071769.

Registered office at Harju Maakond, Tallin, Lõõtsa tn 5-11, 11415, Estonia.

A. WHEREAS the Broker operates as a consultant, adviser, broker and agent in relation to Property;

B. WHEREAS the Collaborator provides consultancy, advisory and promotion services to clients in regard their real estate needs.

NOW THEREFORE, by virtue of this Agreement, the Parties wish to regulate their relationship and hereby agree as follows:


In this Agreement, unless otherwise expressly stated or the contrary intention appears, the following terms shall have the following meanings respectively assigned to them:

“Confidential Information” shall mean any and all information stored on any medium and in any form belonging or relation to any of the Parties, which is retained in confidence by the Parties and disclosed to the other Party in confidence and solely for the purpose of or in relation to this Agreement. The words “Confidential Information” shall also mean and include any information relating or belonging to the Vendors, the Investors (including their respective identity) and / or relating to Property (including the name and address of the Property itself and its potential availability for Investment), any Investment and the relative Investment Value;

“Investor” shall mean any person or Undertaking interested or potentially interested in making a Transaction.

“Transaction” shall mean any agreement concluded by and between a Vendor and an Investor whereby the Investor and the Vendor conclude and formalise an Investment Transaction;

“Property” any property of an immovable nature in relation to which the Parties may, from time to time, share information with a view to brokering and complete a Transaction;

“Undertaking” shall mean a body corporate or incorporate and includes, without limitation, a company;

“Vendors” shall mean the legal owners, administrators or any other person legally entitles to transfer or alienate Property by title of ownership, lease or any other title whatsoever.

“Client/Referred Client/Lead” a potential client that has specified their real estate needs due to any of the actions taken by the Collaborator, and has been received by the Broker regardless of the way it was received. A Client is a person, legal entity, or figure that can potentially interact or be interested in any real estate services offered by the Broker.


2.1. The Broker and the Collaborator hereby agree and undertake to collaborate and pool in their respective knowledge, expertise, resources and contacts with a view to the promotion and brokerage of Property and the Broker’s Real Estate services and the conclusion of Transactions by and between Vendors and Investors.

2.2. The Broker hereby undertakes to inform and update the Collaborator on a regular basis of the outcome of their efforts to capture Clients in terms of this Agreement.

2.3. The Client will be linked to any Collaborator’s promotion actions regardless of the first, middle, or final Client’s interaction with the Broker.

2.4. The Parties hereby undertake in favour of each other not to, in any manner whatsoever, circumvent or attempt to circumvent any obligations contained herein.

2.5. Upon completion of every period (month), the Collaborator will invoice the broker for the amount agreed in terms of Clause 3 – without considering VAT taxes or similar taxes.


3.1. The Parties hereby agree that any Lead provided to the Broker, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Parties, be accountable.

3.2. The Collaborator shall receive the following fee due from the number of Leads provided during the recent month term: The Collaborator will receive from the Broker ten Pound Sterling (£15 GBP) per Lead provided.

3.2. Provided further that the Broker shall affect payment in terms of Clause 3.1 and 3.2, hereof within 30 days from finalization of the period (month), the Collaborator will receive the above mentioned value via bank transfer.


4.1. The term of this Agreement shall commence with effect on and from the date of execution of this Agreement.

4.2. The Broker agrees to a minimum three (3) month minimum investment of one thousand GBP ($1,000 GBP) in initiatives managed by the Collaborator.

4.3. Provided that any of the Parties may terminate this Agreement by giving the other Party a three (3) months written notice.

4.4. Should this Agreement be terminated any remaining invoices will still be due the agreed amount.

4.5. Termination of this Agreement from either Party will result in the end of any promotion initiatives taken by the Collaborator.


5.1. Each Party hereby warrants and represents to the other Party that:

The execution and performance by such Party of this Agreement and its obligations hereunder will not violate in any respect any provision of any law or regulation or order or decree of any court or any other adjudicating body to which it is subject or any contract, arrangement or undertaking to which it is a Party or which is otherwise binding upon it.

5.2. Moreover, each Party and the person signing this Agreement on its behalf hereby warrant and represent to the other Party that the person signing this Agreement on its behalf has been and is duly authorised to execute this Agreement on behalf of such Party thereby binding such Party under this Agreement.

5.3. No amendment, change or addition to this Agreement shall be binding on any Party unless it is in writing and has been signed by all the Parties or their respective authorised representatives.

5.4. Waiver: No failure, neglect or delay in enforcing any of the terms in this Agreement may be construed as a waiver of any of the Broker’s rights in respect thereof nor such neglect, failure or delay a variation of the express terms of this Agreement.


6.1. This Agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the Laws of the United Kingdom.