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Here are all the features at the STANDARD PLAN:

AI valuation tool

Use our unique software as if it was yours, and use it to capture seller leads.

Exclusive leads

All captured leads, exclusive to you.

Auto installation code

You will be provided a custom-made snippet of code, so you can embed the valuation tool to your website.

IT email support

24/7 support. How can we assist?

1 Output email

You have one email where all the leads are sent to.

Not enough? Check out the ADVANCED PLAN here.

50 Calls / month

Under the STANDARD plan your valuation tool can be triggered 50 times, meaning you will be able to capture a maximum of 50 leads per month.

Not enough? Check out the ADVANCED PLAN here.

1 Domain

You will be able to embed the valuation tool software to one domain.

Not enough? Check out the ADVANCED PLAN here.

Region Limitation

The AI-powered software is region-limited to one at the STANDARD plan, meaning that can only run valuations in one region. To make sure you offer valuations across all the UK regions, check out the PRO Plan.


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