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Here are all the features at the PRO PLAN:

AI valuation tool

Use our unique software as if it was yours, and use it to capture seller leads.

Exclusive leads

All captured leads, exclusive to you.

Auto installation code

You will be provided a custom-made snippet of code, so you can embed the valuation tool to your website.

IT email support

24/7 support. How can we assist?

Unlimited Output emails

Let us know which emails would you like to receive the leads at.

Unlimited Calls / month

Unlimited use of the software, so you can capture an unlimited amount of leads every month.

Tool in unlimited domains

Use the software on as many domains as you like. Don’t let the structure stop your seller lead generation campaigns.

Run the valuation across the UK

Under the PRO plan, your clients can run valuations as many times as they like, across all UK regions.

Unlimited branding pages

Build branded landing pages on our super-fast servers,  and use them for advertising campaigns or your newsletter.

CRM System

Access your seller lead backend administrator system to analyze the results, download all the captured leads in various formats, or even customize your valuation tool deployment.


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