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Real Estate AI Team

As AI initiatives are only as powerful as the quantity and quality of the data set that feed them, so it is the experience of our AI Team. More than 5 years studying and implementing AI into our everyday Real Estate initiatives.

Real Estate AI Team

Our Areas of Expertise

AI Tools

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the most common AI practice. In Real Estate, it can be leveraged to calculate the value of a home, or to show an ad to the segment of users that are more likely to end up buying a home.

Data Science

The study and interpretation of data is key in AI in Real Estate. With the help of algorithms, it is possible to discover new market trends, or niche market segments that are highly profitable.

Deep Learning

Based in an artificial neural network and the application of big mathematical equations, it can be applied to improve the home search experience, or also in home valuation algorithms.

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